Advantage development of high-power LED street lights

Compared with traditional street lighting, high-power LED street lighting has an energy-saving ratio of 50%. In addition, with the continuous improvement of technology, it can even achieve 70% -80%.Now manufacturers add intelligent control on the basis of high-power LED street lights, which can also reduce energy consumption by 50% in this lighting field, which will further expand the energy saving ratio of LEDs and bring more benefits to customers.Therefore, the application of intelligent control in the field of high-power LED street lighting has also been greatly improved. In the field of high-power lighting, it can launch multiple intelligently controlled modular street lights on a large scale.And intelligent high-power LED street lights can also achieve intelligent control down to a single lamp, which provides great convenience for its later maintenance.

The demand for high-power LED street lights will continue to rise due to the pressure of governments in various countries to save energy and reduce emissions. Therefore, high-power LED street lights will have a relatively large increase.Although the emerging market of LED street lights has huge potential, it still requires pragmatic and steady development, and integrates the technical advantages of high-power lighting for global promotion.